Radiant Premium WoltLab Style

A Much Better, Clean and Elegant Premium WoltLab Style

  • Dashboard
  • User Profile
  • User Hover Card
  • User Profile Content: Files
  • User Profile Content: Posts
  • User Dropdown Menu
  • User Notifications
  • Statistics
  • Sidebar Boxes
  • Articles List: Grid Layout
  • Articles List: List Layout
  • Articles List: Teaser Layout
  • Gallery
  • Albums
  • Forums List Default Layout
  • Forums List Two Column Layout
  • Forums List Grid Layout
  • Forum Threads List
  • Forum Thread View
  • Forum Description Tooltip
  • Forum Sub-Boards Dropdown
  • Filebase Grid Layout
  • Filebase List Layout
  • Filebase Teaser Layout
  • Blogs Grid Layout

Features and Description

Radiant is a much better premium WoltLab style with multiple layout options for specific apps, manual slider, improved user profile page and a few tweaks that makes it appealing to both you and your users.

Radiant WoltLab Style Layout Options

Visitor Layout Options

The multiple layout options let your visitors choose their preferred display for the articles, forum, blogs and filebase applications. They can easily switch between grid view, list view with description or list view with titles only, whichever maybe comfortable for their eyes to see.

Radiant WoltLab Style Slider

Manually-coded Slider

A slider can display a lot of information without unnecessarily taking up a lot of space on your website. It can be an important message you want to convey to your users, a teaser of what your community is all about or anything you want your users to catch their attention.

Radiant WoltLab Style User Layout

Improved User Profile Page

The user's profile page has been slightly tweaked so that your visitors can easily find the user's content. The content for each application, i.e posts for forum app or images for gallery, will appear as a menu in the profile page. And when your visitors view a specific user's content, e.g. forum posts or user files, it will still be somewhat part of his profile instead of showing a different page.

Radiant WoltLab Style User Menu

Organized User Menu

As a complement to an improved user profile page, the user menu has also changed a little bit to make navigation easy. The User Control Panel (Account Management, Notifications, etc.) and User Profile are now separated. Under the User Profile menu, My Content (Posts, Images, etc.) and Watched Content (Watched Thread, Watched Files, etc.) has been added in addition to the link of their user profile.

Radiant WoltLab Style Configuration Options

Configuration Options

Radiant style is packed with configurable options in the ACP to make some basic changes a little bit easier.

  • Sticky Header & Header Slider Option
  • Move Search to Breadcrumb
  • Circle Avatars, Trophies, Pagination Items & Activity Icons
  • Forum Description as Tooltip
  • Show Forum and Thread Stats in Mobile
  • Default Layout & Buttons Configuration
  • Footer Configuration (Main Menu & About)
  • Social Connect Links Option
Radiant WoltLab Style Enhancements

Minor Enhancements

Radiant WoltLab style also comes with minor enhancements and tweaks to make it more attractive which includes:

  • Cover photo on user hover card
  • Icons instead of text to show Recent Activity type
  • Grid layout for statistics
  • Icons accross the title on "named" sidebar boxes
  • Background color for unread notifications
  • Tooltip for forum description
  • Dropdown of sub-boards instead of list
  • Background color for pinned threads

Requirements, Notes & Limitations

Radiant WoltLab Style Compatibility

WoltLab Compatibility

Radiant 1.x.x WoltLab style is compatible only with WoltLab 3.1.7+. This style will not work with WoltLab 3.0.x and other older versions.

Radiant WoltLab Style Browser Requirements

Minimum Browser Requirements

Radiant WoltLab style requires the following JavaScript-enabled minimum browsers: Edge 44, Chrome 70, Firefox 60, Safari 7, Opera 55.

Radiant WoltLab Style RTL Support

No RTL (Right-To-Left) Support

Officially, Radiant WoltLab style DOES NOT support RTL layouts. In theory, Radiant can support RTL languages because it is based on the default WoltLab core style. However, there are some changes made on Radiant which were never checked & tested if it works on RTL layouts.

Cookie Policy

Update Your Cookie Policy!

The layout options for the articles, forum, blogs and filebase applications uses localStorage to remember the preferred display layout of your visitors. It also uses Roboto & Roboto Condensed Google Fonts. Therefore, you need to modify your site's existing Cookie Policy to include these features.

Pricing Information

ForoStyle follows the pricing schemes of WoltLab products to avoid confusion. That is, a Product's Style License will cost a one-time fee; and an "Upgrade Fee" will be charge for a "Major Versions" updates of the Product. "Minor Versions" updates of the Product are always free and will not cost anything. The "Upgrade Fee" amount will depend on the complexity of the update process, but will not exceed 50% of the original price, and will be announce upon its availability.

  • Minor Versions
    Means new versions of the Product that bear a new second or third numeral after the first decimal, such as 8.1.0 or 8.2.3, as they may be release from time to time. This is usually bug fixes and compatibility updates only and does not contain any new features.
  • Major Versions
    Means new versions of the Product that bear a new first numeral such as 8.0.0 or 9.0.0, as they may be release from time to time. This version is to make the Product compatible with the major version release of the WoltLab products, such as WSC 3.1.x to WSC 3.2.x.

Radiant v1.x.x Style License which is for WoltLab 3.1.x will cost a one-time fee of $30 (does not include Branding Removal). If you have previously purchase Radiant v1.x.x Style License and you want to have Radiant 2.x.x for WoltLab 3.2.x, you must pay an "Upgrade Fee" in order to download and use it.

Branding Removal License

The Branding Removal License grants you the permission to remove the "Style By: ForoStyle" link and text in the footer of your WoltLab-powered site that uses our Radiant premium WoltLab style.

The Branding Removal License cost $25 per domain and is perpetual (it does not expire). If you will install Radiant WoltLab style on multiple domains and wants to remove the "branding", you must purchase a separate Branding Removal License for each domain.

It's important to note that the Branding Removal License is just a license to remove the "Style By: ForoStyle" link and text in the footer and nothing more. You cannot brand the Radiant WoltLab style under your name and/or claim that Radiant WoltLab style is your product.

  • Branding Removal Package Usage
    • Install as a package in ACP > Configuration > Packages
    • Go to ACP > Configuration > Radiant > Branding > Remove Branding Link & Text and set to Yes

Release Notes

  • Radiant v1.0.3

    • Fix logo overlapping its container.
    • Fix custom URLs for CMS pages (Cookie Policy and Privacy).
    • Fix forum background and spacing if there's a Before Content content.
    • Fix Trying to get property 'identifier' of non-object Error.
    • Fix Missing Phrases: Privacy Policy & Watched Boards
    • Fix pageNavigationIcons spacing.
    • Fix Show/Hide Sidebar Button on Mobile.
    • Improved Before Content and After Content boxes layout and spacing.
    • New: Configuration Options
      • Features
        • Sticky Header
        • Move Search to Breadcrumb
        • Enable Header Slider
        • Show Sidebar Icons
        • Main Menu Dropdown Indicator
        • Circle Avatars
        • Circle Trophies
        • Rounded Badges
        • Rounded Login/Register Buttons
        • Circle Pagination Items
        • Circle Activity Icons
        • Circle Forum Icon Container
        • Forum Description as Tooltip
        • Show Forums Detailed Stats
        • Show Messages List Detailed Stats
      • Layout
        • Show Layout Chooser for Articles, Forum, Blogs and Filebase
        • Default Layout for Articles, Forum, Blogs and Filebase
      • Footer
        • Enable Main Menu Links
        • Support Multi-level Main Menu in Footer
        • Configure "About" Section in Footer
        • Configure "Social Connect Links" Section in Footer
      • Mobile
        • Show Thread Stats
        • Show Forum Stats
      • Branding
        • Remove "Style By: ForoStyle" Link
  • Radiant v1.0.2

    • Fixed Use of undefined constant SEITE_TITLE... error.
    • Fixed extra spacing if Display last post of each forum option is disabled.
  • Radiant v1.0.1

    • First stable, public release.


Radiant Style Installation

Radiant style will be installed as a package instead of importing it directly as a style. Follow the instructions below to properly install this style.

  1. Login to your WoltLab ACP.
  2. Go to Configuration > Packages
  3. Click on + Install Package > Upload Package
  4. Browse com.forostyle.style.Radiant.tar.gz and click the Submit button.
  5. Go to Customization > Styles and set Radiant as default.
  6. Go to ACP > Configuration > Radiant and set some configurable options.

Language Phrases

Radiant added a number of langauge phrases. You need to change these phrases to reflect it to your own localization and usage. To edit the phrases:
  1. login to your WoltLab ACP
  2. go to Customization > Manage Phrases
  3. on the Category dropdown under Filter, select wcf.Radiant.xxx then click the Submit button
  4. click on the phrase name you want to edit, provide a Custom Value then click the Submit button.

Manual Header Slider

The sliders that can be found in the "header" are manually coded in a specific templates. By default, the sliders are used in the Landing Page, Forum List, Blog List, File List and Image List pages. Here's the list of the slider templates and where it's shown:

Template Name Page Shown
pageHeaderSlidesLanding Landing Page
pageHeaderSlidesForum Forum List Page
pageHeaderSlidesBlog Blog List Page
pageHeaderSlidesFiles File List Page
pageHeaderSlidesGallery Image List Page
pageHeaderSlidesCalendar Calendar Page

By default, only the pageHeaderSlidesLanding template has content and slides. The following templates:

  • pageHeaderSlidesForum
  • pageHeaderSlidesFiles
  • pageHeaderSlidesGallery
  • pageHeaderSlidesBlog
  • pageHeaderSlidesCalendar

DOES NOT have any content or slides in it. You must edit those mentioned templates if you want to put some slides and content into it. The HTML markup for those templates must follow the following format to render it correctly:

<div id="headerSlides" class="headerSlides">
	<ul class="headerSlidesList cS-hidden">
		{* Slide 1 *}
		<li class="headerSlidesItem">
			<div class="layoutBoundary">
				<h2 class="headerSlidesItemTitle">Slide 1 Title</h2>
				<div class="headerSlidesItemContent">
					Slide 1 Content
				<div class="headerSlidesItemAction">
					<a href="#" class="button">Slide 1 Action Button</a>
			<img src="PATH_TO_OPTIONAL_BACKGROUND_IMAGE" alt="" class="heroSlidesItemImage" />
		{* Slide 2*}
		<li class="headerSlidesItem">
			<div class="layoutBoundary">
				<h2 class="headerSlidesItemTitle">Slide 2 Title</h2>
				<div class="headerSlidesItemContent">
					Slide 2 Content
		{* Slide 3 and so on... *}