Radiant WoltLab Style

A Much Better, Clean and Elegant Premium WoltLab Style

Requirements and Limitations

WoltLab Compatibility


Radiant is only compatible with WoltLab 3.1.x to 5.4.x. This style will not work with WoltLab 3.0.x and other older versions.

Woltlab Version Compatible Version
WoltLab 5.4.xRadiant 2.2.2
WoltLab 5.3.x Radiant 2.1.0 - 2.2.1
WoltLab 5.2.x Radiant 2.0.x
WoltLab 3.1.x Radiant 1.1.x

Minimum Browser Requirements


Radiant requires the following JavaScript-enabled browsers to behave and function properly as designed:

Browser Minimum Version
Chrome, Opera80, 67
Edge 85
Firefox 75
Safari 13

No RTL (Right-To-Left) Support


Officially, Radiant DOES NOT support RTL layouts. In theory, Radiant style can support RTL languages because it is based on the default WoltLab core style. However, there are some changes made on Radiant which were never checked & tested if it works on RTL layouts.

Update Your Cookie Policy!


Layout options for the Forum, Blogs, Filebase and Articles applications uses localStorage to remember the preferred display layout of your visitors. It also uses Roboto & Roboto Condensed fonts. Therefore, you need to modify your site's existing Cookie Policy to include these two.