Radiant WoltLab Style

A Much Better, Clean and Elegant Premium WoltLab Style

Style Updating

Style files such as the templates, scripts, images, etc. will always get overwritten during update. Therefore, you should always create a backup of the style's current version before updating it. This is to make sure that you have a copy of the modified style files which you can use to restore the customizations you made on the style.

Also, as the usual preparation for updating a WoltLab site, it would be a wise idea to also enable the maintenance mode before updating the style.

Option 1: ACP Auto Update

  1. Login to your WoltLab ACP.
  2. Go to Configuration → Packages
  3. Click on SEARCH FOR UPDATES button.
  4. Check Radiant from the search results list and click the SUBMIT button.
  5. Just wait for the update process to finish its job.
  6. If you have modified any files such as the templates from the previous version, you may restore it manually.

Option 2: ACP Manual Update

This option is for those who have purchased the style through our site and downloaded it via Gumroad. This is also the opton if you want to examine first what changes have been put on the style since the previous version.

  1. Download the style in WoltLab Plugin-Store or in Gumroad.
  2. Login to your WoltLab ACP.
  3. Go to Configuration → Packages
  4. Click on +INSTALL PACKAGE → UPLOAD PACKAGE buttons.
  5. Browse for the com.forostyle.style.Radiant.tar.gz file and click the SUBMIT button.
  6. Proceed with the on-screen steps until the update is complete.
  7. If you have modified any files such as the templates from the previous version, you may restore it manually.

Important Notice For WoltLab 5.3.0 Update

If you currently have WoltLab 5.2.x and Radiant 2.0.1 or older and want to upgrade to WoltLab 5.3.0, it is required to do change(s) below:

  1. Go to ACP → Customization → Styles → Radiant → Global Settings.
  2. Set the Maximum Layout Width to percent (%), i.e. enter the value from 50-100 and choose percent (%) as the unit in the dropdown.
  3. Click the SUBMIT button to save the changes.

Failure to do the required change above will make your site not be able to update to WoltLab 5.3.0 successfully.

Updating from Version 1.1.1

If by any chance you still have Version 1.1.1 and want to upgrade to Version 2.0.0 or later, you will need to delete unused and incompatible template files from Version 1.1.1 so that Version 2.0.0+ will work properly.

  1. Login to your WoltLab ACP.
  2. Go to ACP → Customization → Templates → Filter: Radiant then click the SUBMIT button.
  3. Delete the following incompatible and unused templates:
    • articleListItems
    • boxArticleList
    • userContentHeaderAlbums
    • userContentHeaderArticles
    • userContentHeaderEvents
    • userContentHeaderFiles
    • userContentHeaderGallery
    • userContentHeaderPosts
    • blogblogList
    • blogblogListItems
    • calendarupcomingEventList