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Third Party Plugins

Starting from version 2.0.0, Radiant doesn't include any custom SCSS and/or template modifcations for third-party plugins. We do this because not all WoltLab sites install the same kind of plugins. Doing this will also reduce some bloat in our SCSS code.

But it also means that some third-party plugins may have undesirable and incorrect appearance. So we have provided custom SCSS for some of the third-party plugins below which will make it look more identical with Radiant. 

Third-Party PluginsLast UpdatedStatus
VieCode Filebase12/15/2020Full
  • Partial
    Custom SCSS were provided which fixes issues reported by users. There maybe some parts of the plugin which have distorted layouts but not yet found by the user.
  • Full
    The plugin author sends us the plugin file or its users give us an ACP Access on a test install environment. This enables us to fully customize its SCSS and/or templates.

If you found display issues for other third-party plugins that you're using, you may report it to us. We will then provide a custom SCSS in this page which will fix your reported bugs.