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Radiant 1.0.3 Release

We we would like to announce the availability Radiant 1.03 premium WoltLab style. This release includes bug fixes and new features as outlined below:

  • Fix logo overlapping its container.
  • Fix custom URLs for CMS pages (Cookie Policy and Privacy).
  • Fix forum background and spacing if there's a Before Content content.
  • Fix Trying to get property 'identifier' of non-object Error.
  • Fix Missing Phrases: Privacy Policy & Watched Boards
  • Fix pageNavigationIcons spacing.
  • Fix Show/Hide Sidebar Button on Mobile.
  • Improved Before Content and After Content boxes layout and spacing.
  • New: Configuration Options
    • Features
      • Sticky Header
      • Move Search to Breadcrumb
      • Enable Header Slider
      • Show Sidebar Icons
      • Main Menu Dropdown Indicator
      • Circle Avatars
      • Circle Trophies
      • Rounded Badges
      • Rounded Login/Register Buttons
      • Circle Pagination Items
      • Circle Activity Icons
      • Circle Forum Icon Container
      • Forum Description as Tooltip
      • Show Forums Detailed Stats
      • Show Messages List Detailed Stats
    • Layout
      • Show Layout Chooser for Articles, Forum, Blogs and Filebase
      • Default Layout for Articles, Forum, Blogs and Filebase
    • Footer
      • Enable Main Menu Links
      • Support Multi-level Main Menu in Footer
      • Configure "About" Section in Footer
      • Configure "Social Connect Links" Section in Footer
    • Mobile
      • Show Thread Stats
      • Show Forum Stats
    • Branding
      • Remove "Style By: ForoStyle" Link

Radiant Premium WoltLab Style Release

We're happy to announce that our Radiant premium WoltLab style is finally available. The $10 discount for pre-orders is not available anymore and you can order now a Radiant Style License for $30 only.

Along with this release, Radiant's live demo at https://demo.forostyle.com/WoltLab/ has also been updated to the latest WoltLab version available.

Pre-Order Radiant WoltLab Style for a $10 Discount!

We're getting very close to release our first, premium WoltLab style for WoltLab 3.1.x called Radiant. Radiant style comes with multiple layout options for articles, forum, blogs and filebase applications; manual slider; improved user profile page; and a few tweaks that makes it appealing to both you and your community users.

Before we will release Radiant on or before March 18, 2019, you can pre-order this premium WoltLab style now and grab up to $10 discount from the original pricing of $30. Use the coupon code: JKR10 during checkout to get the $10 discount. The discount coupon is limited only to a few number of uses so pre-order now before it's all used up.   No need for a coupon anymore, the price is already adjusted for the discount.

You can view the live demo of Radiant style at https://demo.forostyle.com/WoltLab/ to see how it looks. Alternatively, you can view the screenshots here.

Once Radiant is release on or before March 18, 2019, you will be notified by email to download the style and start using it on your community site.