Visitor Layout Options


The localStorage-based, layout options let your visitors choose their preferred display for the articles, forum, blogs and filebase apps. They can easily switch between grid or list view, whichever is comfortable for their eyes to see.

Configuration Options


Do you want to change the avatars to squares instead of the default circles? Or perhaps add your Facebook and Twitter links in the footer? It can be easily done without modifying a code with the built-in configuration options in the ACP.

Manually-coded Slider


Showcase to the audience your important message quickly, and in a concise manner. Display a lot of information at once without unnecessarily taking up a lot of space on your website using the manually-coded header slider.

Improved User Profile Page


The user's profile page has been slightly tweaked so that your visitors can easily find the user's content. When you view a user's content, e.g. forum threads, it will still be somewhat part of his profile instead of showing a different page.